Instant Video will be available on Apple TV


Instant Video will soon be available in Apple TV before the end of the year. That said online retail giant Amazon.

As we know, Amazon has recently Chromecast HDMI dongle attract both Google and Apple Apple TV sales. Amazon pulled due to two set-top boxes do not “interact properly” with a video subscription service. Confirmation tvOS version of Instant Video was intentionally leaked by Amazon itself in response to questions on Twitter.

Engineer And Bostonweeks confirmed on Twitter receive confirmation from Amazon after sending feedback via the iOS app Instant Video about the lack of support tvOS. “I have interacted with our technical team and have been told that they are working on developing new applications for the Apple TV,” said Dan Bostonweeks, read the response received from an employee Bostonweeks Amazon.

And adding “as we have done before, that we managed to develop an app for the iPhone and iPad, we hope to make a separate application for the Apple TV. Hopefully, in the span of a few weeks, you will be able to see the Amazon Instant Video app features in Apple TV. ”

Apple TV Now Can Login Facebook

Apple TV is a device that is quite solid and provides a new interface features enhanced through the integration of Siri and the App Store. Apple TV app also now be allowed to open a Facebook login thus eliminating the need for users to log in separately from each application.

The users can decide whether they want to enter a separate application or log in to Facebook through the app Apple TV. If you choose the latter then they will be given a unique 8-digit code in order to authorize the service from their Smartphone or Tablet.

After entering the unique code, the user no longer requires Apple TV on-screen keyboard to enter login information. Facebook users can also use the SDK to allow sharing of content from Apple TV to a Facebook account, which in turn will help the largest social media network in the world.

Developers now building Apple TV app with Facebook SDK. That means it will be long before we can see the actual results.


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